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How to prepare the final paper:
Authors should use the style files or MS-Word templates as provided by the Springer Lecture Notes to format their draft papers. To get a sample template to prepare the manuscript, please follow these steps: 1). Click on the above link. 2). Get the required file from the "downloads", available at the right-hand-side of that page (for example, download "", if you want to submit in WORD format). 3). UnZIP and use one of the suitable files (for example if you want to use WORD format then use "typeinst.doc" and replace the existing content with the content of your paper). The conference organizers cannot provide you personal help in formatting the papers.

Important Note:
The maximum length of a paper is 20 pages. It should not have any headers, footers and page numbers. The paper should not have any additional security settings. It should have the title, authors' details, abstract, content, references and optionally an appendix, etc.


How to prepare the copyright form:
Copyright form is available here (Important Note: download the copyright from this link ONLY, print it on a sheet, complete all the 5 blanks in it using a black or blue color pen then sign and put the location details using the pen, and scan it. Do NOT convert the copyright form into a word file and modify/complete it. Use the copyright form as it is and DO NOT change the content and/or format in any way)

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