Important Instructions for the Authors of Accepted Papers

Please implement all the following steps:

Step 1: Authors should use the style files or MS-Word templates as provided by the Springer Lecture Notes to format their camera ready papers. To get a sample template to prepare the manuscript, follow these steps: 1). Click on the above link. 2). Get the required file from the "downloads", available at the right-hand-side of that page (for example, download "", if you want to submit in WORD format). 3). UnZIP and use one of the suitable files (for example if you want to use WORD format then use "typeinst.doc" and replace the existing content with the content of your paper). The conference organizers cannot provide you personal help in formatting the papers.
      The maximum length of a paper is 20 pages (including figures, references, and every thing else). The paper SHOULD be submitted in either WORD or in PDF format. If you are submitting the paper in PDF format then the paper should NOT be "secured" (i.e., the paper should not be encrypted in any manner and also there should not be any restrictions for opening or editing it).

Papers should be formatted strictly according to the specifications of the template. Papers that are not formatted according to the specifications may be rejected. The conference organizers have the right to reject any paper that is not properly formatted and/or not addressed the reviewers' comments. The registartion fee (excluding the postage charges, if any) will be refunded in that case.

IMPORTANT: A WORD/PDF template for formating the paper, and a check list of possible mistakes in your final paper are provided.

Step 2: Either upload the camera ready paper using the conftool available at: or email the paper to a suitable session chair, as indicated in your acceptance letter (if nothing is indicated then you need to submit using conftool).
    The deadline for camera ready paper submission is extended until August 25th 2005. The submission window will open on August 18th 2005 and will close on the 25th (firm deadline).

Step 3: Please submit the copyright form (available in PDF and WORD formats) and also the student status form (if applicable; please see registration for more details). They need to be submitted to the Indian address provided in your acceptance.

Step 4: Pay the registration fee for each accepted paper on or before August 25th 2005. Please click registration fee for more information.