The conference will be held in the beautiful campus of National Insurance Academy Pune (NIA Pune), located at:

25, Balewadi, Baner Road
Pune  411 045
Maharashtra State, India.

Pune (pronounced as PooNay) is one of the historic and major cities in India and is located just 192 kilometers (120 miles) by rail and 160 kilometers (100 miles) by road from Mumbai (Bombay), the financial capital of India.

Pune has a domestic (regional) airport which is well connected to all the international airports in India namely, Bangalore, Chennai (Madras), Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata (Culcutta), and Mumbai (Bombay). The frequency of flights is very good (around 20 times a day).

Pune is 559 metres above the sea level and is surrounded by beautiful hills and an ancient fort. Pune is among the greenest urban areas in India, with more than 40% of its area under green cover. It is home to several major educational institutes, tens of software firms (including a software technology park), other industries and research centers.

There are several interesting places to visit in India.

You may get more information about Pune and the surrounding places by clicking: here or here. You may also click either here or here... for other places in India. Useful information about India (including embassies, Visa for foreigners, hotels, etc.) is available here.

Climate during the months of November, December, and January is generally very pleasant in Pune and in most parts of the country. The temperatures in Pune and other places of Maharashtra State are around 20-25 C (around 75-80 F) during that time. Many tourists prefer to visit India during these months.

Although people speak many languages in India, English is widely used and understood.