Ist Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IICAI-03)
              Hyderabad, INDIA, December 18-20 2003 

Call for Papers for Technical Session on




Bioinformatics has emerged as a new branch of biology as a result of the advancement of experimental technologies in molecular biology which generate a vast amount of data as exemplified by high-throughput DNA sequence technology. Whole genome sequences are now available for several organisms, including bacteria, eukaryotes and multicellular organisms such as Drosophila, resulting in the rapid expansion of DNA and protein databases. It is rapidly growing and exciting area of science that uses computational modeling approaches to face the challenges of major biological problems. By integrating modern approaches in biochemistry and the molecular sciences with those in computing and informatics. Bioinformatics is the field of science that will allow scientists to mine the very large (and rapidly expanding) collections of data that is being generated from the modern science of Genomics.

Bioinformatics now plays an integral role in the study of fundamental biomedical and agricultural and public health problems. Scientist have made an attempt to exploit the bioinformatics tools to control the vector borne disease like malaria, filarial and Japanese Encephalitis.

Bioinformatics is now integral to understanding the biological, functional and evolutionary significance of the genomic data and the associated computational aspects. The proposed conference is aimed at scientists from diverse backgrounds, including: biological, computer, biomedical, agricultural, and physical sciences, engineering, and information systems/technology.

1. Bio PERL
2. Numerical Methods and Optimization Techniques
3. Biostatistics
4. Advanced Computing techniques (Nueral / Evolutionary)
5. Data Mining
6. Parallel Computing
7. Genomics & proteomics
8. Structural Biology
9. Protein folding
10. Molecular Modeling
11. Sequence Analysis
12. Pharmaco Kinetics & Enzyme Kinetics
13. Medical Informatics
14. Computer applications in agriculture.

Instruction For The Authors:

Authors should use the style files or MS-Word templates as   provided by the Springer Lecture Notes  ( to format their papers.

If you have questions on submission or formatting of the papers please contact the Conference Chair Dr. Bhanu Prasad.

Electronic submission of papers is highly encouraged. However, authors who are unable to do so may send four copies of their articles. All submissions should be address to the

Important Dates:
Last date for submission of papers Tuesday, June 15, 2003 
Notification of acceptance Friday, August 1, 2003 
Camera ready copies of accepted papers due  Friday, August 22, 2003 

For more information on article submission and formatting instructions  please visit the conference website

Submissions for the Biocomputing and Bioinformatics session should be sent electronically (WORD, PS, or PDF attachments) to the Session Chair:

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